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Our start-up boxes are designed with start-up budgets in mind. Get the bundle that suits your goals.
everything you need to start a business
  • Is your business legally registered to operate in the state of Florida? You definitely need to register your business if you want to establish a legal presence not just for the state but also to be able to have a business account, business credit, EIN (tax ID number), and many reasons more. We cover these reasons in our seminars and booklets. We also have free information in our Daily resources section.

  • So now you registered your business in the state of Florida and you think that’s it. Not really, you also need an EIN from the IRS which is required to open a bank account, pay yearly taxes, and pretty much conduct any business transaction. Your box comes with your EIN ready to print.

  • We will work together to come up with the logo that shows your brand to perfection. You will get a high resolution file that you can use as you please. Same logo will be used for your website design and business cards.

  • Your box comes with a beautiful and fully functional design powered by Wordpress. Your website will be optimized for Search Engines like Google and bring many built functions depending on your industry. You can select standard templates if you buy the Starter Box package, or we will customize your website if you buy the Complete or Florida Box packages.

    All our websites are Responsive, which means they will be displayed in any portable device without additional set-up or fees.

  • To run your website you need a domain, basically an address (i.e., If you do not have one, we include one in your box as well. This domain is paid for 1 full year from the date of purchase.

  • So you have a website and a domain, but now you need a Hosting account to make it work. Your box also comes with a hosting account so your website will be running and ready for business.

  • Your business cards are key to spreading the word with friends, family, and just about anyone you can tell your story daily. That’s why we will include in your box 1 business card design ready to be sent to the printer of your choice.

  • You have a beautiful website, business cards, and now you need some flyers with you at all times so that you can share with prospect clients on the spot. Sometimes handing a business card is not enough to convert your potential clients, some of them work better when they can see exactly what you do, prices, information, etc. right away. This is like carrying a paper website with you.

    We will design a flyer that follows your brand and provide you with a file ready to be printed.

  • We have seminars packed with information that will help you start your business the right way. An excellent opportunity to ask questions, brainstorm in sessions, learn methods that will cut your learning curve, and guide you in a path that has lead to success for many.

  • You need some attention or guidance? Our coaching will be dedicated to you and only YOU. So you can ask away, pick our brain, or just chat about your business goals, anything you need during this hour of coaching.

  • We have plenty of booklets for download. We share only material that is worth reading and that adds value to your goals. 

  • We have lots of add-ons that you can select from to best suit your goals or business industry. Check out our Add-Ons page for details.

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Start-ups in a box is the result of our journey in starting up not just this business, but several other.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to start a business. Obstacles may slow us down and you need to make your first sale fast so you can start making some money.

That’s why when you pick Start-ups in a box solutions,you know you are in the right track and you are getting what you need.

We will work on each item you have selected in your box, set up a call with you to gather some information, and work our way to get your business started. This allows you to focus on what is key to your launch, getting your first client.

                                                                                                                                                            – IS THAT EASY

People that give up without thelp

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Don't let others make a success of your idea. Be the success. Start your business today.

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