Starting A Business

StartABusiness_BlogArticleSo you are here, that means you have a little spark inside prompting you to search around and see if that idea you have had for years can ever become a reality.

You have come to the right place. We have been entrepreneurs for a long time. I actually started my first business when I was 7 selling all my bathroom things to my Mom and Dad. Of course it was just a game, but even as a kid any free moment I had to play, it would be selling toys, candies, or anything I could come across in my house. I eventually tried real businesses during school, I even had a lending program for my older sister’s friends that needed money to go out.

Maybe you are not in school anymore (or maybe you are), and maybe you can’t start a business in school, but you can definitely start any business you want. Many people have the theory that you must like what you do and it will translate to money. I believe that theory to be so true. The trick in this theory is to understand what it really is trying to say. To give you an example, in my case I like business in general but liking business in general would be hard to turn it into money unless I was more specific. So to be specific and apply this theory, I realized that having started so many businesses in my life, what really made me happy was helping others start businesses. I was as passionate about their business, as I was in mine. This love starting paying off and gave birth to Start-Ups In A Box.

Is important to go into this journey aware that it takes hard work and dedication, but nothing that a good organization schedule can’t do for you. In our coaching, we share all that we know about starting a business. You will need hard work and dedication as I said earlier, but know that this will be soooo much easier when you have us on your side to help you get your business started in no time.  So give it a shot! If you never try, you will never know .