Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any monthly fees?

No. We know that during the first year you need to have as little expenses as possible, so our boxes come with all services covered for one year. Any monthly fees will kick in after one calendar year from your purchase date. Once you buy your box, we will send to you a detailed breakdown of what the amounts will be and frequency after the 1st year.

Do I get a BOX shipped home?

No. We like to call our packages “BOX” or “BOXES” since it’s like buying a box in the supermarket with everything you need in it. All items will be delivered online to your email, convenient ans easy to access anytime!

How does it work if I purchased a customized website?

If you purchased the COMPLETE and FLORIDA BOX packages, you get  customized 5-page website. You will receive a Pre-Design Worksheet to be completed by you that our designers will use to get started in your website. You will have the chance to have 2 revision sessions to make minor changes after initial designed is presented to you.

Minor changes are considered, simple page layout changes, change of specific pictures, specific details. The purpose of these 2 revision sessions is to coordinate details but not to start the project again or redesign completely. These 2 changes do not include mayor changes in colors, templates, page redesign, or any other task that can take longer than 2 hours of work.

Keep in mind that the initial designed will be made as per your specific directions gathered in the Pre-Design Worksheet. You will want to be as specific as possible when completing this form. Also, since your website will be using WordPress, you will be able to make changes later on once the final design is completed and delivered to you. You have full control of your website!

How long will it take to get my business up and running?

For STARTER BOX package it usually take around 15-19 days to complete all our work. For COMPLETE and FLORIDA BOX packages, average turn around is 30-45 days (depending on the website design customization which takes longer).

Keep in mind that many of the items in your box will be delivered really fast so the days noted above are average time frame to completion of the project. During our initial call or meeting, you will be provided with a more accurate completion date.

What if I don’t know WordPress?

We use WordPress not only because it is an excellent platform for efficient web design but also because it is easy to use. Although we do not provide WordPress coaching at this moment, we offer you tutorials free of charge that you can follow and these will teach you the basics of WordPress. There is also plenty of material in YouTube on using WordPress.

Which are the standard website templates?

We have a variety of pre-designed websites that you can choose from when buying the STARTER BOX. We will update the template with your content, images, logo, and contact information so that it is ready to get your first client.

If you still prefer to make specific customization after we have delivered the website to you, you can certainly do this as our websites are designed using WordPress.These pre-designed templates can be customized by you once we deliver the log in keys to you. You can change colors, content, pictures, etc. You have control anytime!

To view our pre-made templates, click here.

Will I be able to make changes to my website?

YES. After we deliver the website to you, you will be able to make changes anytime you like. You will own your website, not us. Since our designs are made with WordPress, you can make changes anytime you like.

Keep in mind we do not take responsibility of any changes done after the website has been delivered to you.

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